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1. What is the correct ICD-10-CM code(s) for malignant hypertension with stage III kidney disease?


a.I10, N18.3

b. I12.9

c. I10

d. I12.9, N18.3

2.Lucy was standing on a chair in her kitchen trying to change a light bulb when she slipped and fell. She struck the glass top stove, which shattered. She presents to the ER with a simple laceration to her forearm that has embedded glass particles.

a. S51.80, W01.11, Y92.09

b. S51.82, W01.11, W45.8

c. S51.80, W01.19, Y92.09

d. S51.82 W01.19, W45.8

3.Jim was at a bonfire when he tripped and fell into the flames. Jim sustained multiple burns. He came to the emergency room via an ambulance and was treated for second and third degree burns on his face, second degree burn on his shoulders and forearms, and third degree burns on the fronts of his thighs.

a. T20.30, T24.31, T31.42, X03.8

b. T20.30, T24.31, T22.29, T31.42, X03.8

c. T20.30, T24.31, T22.29, X03.8X,

d. T20.30, T24.31, T22.29, T31.42, X03.8

4.A 35 year old woman who is pregnant with her first child is admitted to the hospital. She experiences a prolonged labor during the first stage and eventually births a healthy baby boy.


a. O63.0, O09.51, Z37.0

b. O80, Z37.0

c. O80, O63.0, O09.52, Z37.0

d. O63.0, O09.52, Z37.0


5.Henry was playing baseball and slid for home base where he collided with another player. He presents to the emergency department complaining of pain in the distal portion of his right middle finger. It is swollen and deformed. The physician orders an x-ray and diagnoses Henry with a tuft fracture. He splints the finger, provides narcotics for pain, and instructs Henry to follow-up with his orthopedist in two weeks.

a. S62.63

b. S62.60

c. S62.61

d. S62.66

6. A 60 year old male is admitted for detoxification and rehabilitation. He has continuously abused amphetamines to the point that he cannot voluntarily stop on his own and has become dependent upon them. He also has a long documented history of alcohol abuse and alcoholism. He experiences high levels of anxiety due to PTSD, which causes him to use and abuse substances.


a. F15.10, F15.20, F10.10, F10.20, F41.1, F43.10

b. F15.20, F10.20, F41.9, F43.10

c. F19.20, F10.10, F41.9, F43.10

d. F15.10, F15.20, F10.10, F10.20, F41.9, F43.10

7.A patient with uncontrolled type II diabetes is experiencing blurred vision and an increase in floaters appearing in her vision. She is diagnosed with diabetic retinopathy.


a. E11.9, E11.31

b. E11.31 

c. E11.3

d. E11

8. Signs and symptoms that are associated routinely with a disease process should not be assigned as additional codes, unless otherwise instructed by classification.


a. True

b. False

9.A patient who is known to be HIV positive but who has no documented symptoms would be assigned code


a. B20, Z21

b. R75

c. Z21

d. Z11.4

10.A patient fell asleep on the beach and comes in with blistering on her back. She is diagnosed with second degree solar radiation burns.


a. L55.1

b. L56.2

c. T21.23

d. L58.9

11. Use both ____ and ____ when locating and assigning a diagnosis code.


a. Alphabetic Index and Appendix C

b. Alphabetic Index and Tabular List

c. ICD-10-CM code book and Dictionary

d. Tabular List and Index to Procedures

12.When a patient has a condition that is both acute and chronic and there are separate entries for both, how is it reported?


a. Code only the acute code

b. Code both sequencing the chronic first

c. Code both sequencing the acute first

d. Code only the chronic code

13.A patient with chronic back and neck pain developed a drug dependency on oxycodone (opoid). After being taken off the drug, he was seen in the clinic for withdrawal symptoms. What ICD-10- CM codes are reported?


a. F11.24, Z79.89

b. F11.23, Z79.89

c. F11.23

d. Z79.89

14.A patient with metastatic bone cancer (primary site unknown) presents to the oncologist’s office for a chemotherapy treatment. On examination, the oncologist finds the patient to be severely dehydrated and cancels the chemotherapy. The patient will receive intravenous hydration in the office and reschedule the chemotherapy treatment. What ICD-10-CM codes are reported?


a. C79.51, E86.0, C80.1

b. E86.0, C79.51, C80.1

c. C79.51, E86.0

d. E86.0, C79.52, C80.1

15. 22-year-old developed sepsis and gas gangrene (gas bacillus infection) and went into septic shock after a surgical procedure. What ICD-10-CM codes should be reported?


a. T81.12, A48.0, R65.21

b. R65.21, T81.4X, A48.0

c. R65.21, T81.12, T81.4 

d. T81.4, T81.12, A48.0

16.A patient with hypertensive heart disease is now experiencing accelerated hypertension due to papillary muscle dysfunction. What ICD-10-CM code(s) should be reported?


a. I11.9, I51.89

b. Z38.30, P07.26, P07.03

c. Z38.00, P07.02, P07.25

d. P07.02, P07.25

17.A three-year-old is brought to the burn unit after pulling a pot of hot soup off the stove spilling onto to her body. She sustained 18% second degree burns on her legs and 20% third degree burns on her chest and arms. Total body surface area burned is 38%. What ICD-10-CM codes should be reported for the burns (do not include External codes for the accident)?


a. T21.31, T22.30, T24.20, T31.32

b. T21.31, T21.01, T24.20, T31.32

c. T22.20, T21.01, T24.20, T31.32

d. T22.00, T21.00, T24.20, T31.32

18.Newborn twin girls delivered at 27 weeks, weighing 850 grams for twin A and 900 grams for twin B. Both were diagnosed with extreme immaturity. What ICD-10-CM codes should be reported for both twins?


a. P07.03, P07.26, Z38.30

b. Z38.30, P07.03, P07.26

c. Z38.00, P07.30, P07.03

d. Z38.30, P07.03

19. Baby boy is born by cesarean section in the hospital. The mother has a history of diabetes mellitus, which complicated the management of her pregnancy. In addition, the mother abused cocaine throughout her pregnancy. The newborn was monitored for drug withdrawal, however no symptoms were noted and the toxicology report came back negative. ABO incompatibility was documented, but the Coomb's test was negative. What ICD-10-CM codes should be reported for the newborn’s record?


a. O24.91, E11.9, O99.34, F14.10, Z38.01

b. Z38.01, Z05.8

c. Z38.01, P55.1, Z05.8

d. P96.1, P55.1, Z28.01

20. The diagnostic statement indicates respiratory failure due to administering incorrect medication. Valium was administered instead of Xanax. What ICD-10-CM codes should be reported?

a. T42.4, J96.90

b. J96.00, T42.4

c. T42.4, J96.90

d. T42.4, J96.00

21 What is the meaning of “provider” in the ICD-10-CM guidelines refers to?

a. the hospital

b. the physician

c. insurance Company

d. the patient

22 When can you use the code for HIV (B20)?

 a. The test result is inconclusive

b. The test result is confirmed by the physician’s diagnostic statement

c. Known HIV without symptoms

d. Suspected HIV

23 What diagnosis code(s) should be reported for spastic cerebral palsy due to meningitis?


a. G03.9, G80.1

b. G80.1, G09

c. G80.1, G03.9

d. G09, G80.1

24. 32-year-old sees her obstetrician about a lump in the right breast. Her mother and aunt both have a history of breast cancer. What diagnosis code(s) should be reported? 

a. N63, Z85.3

b. N63.10

c. C50.919, Z80.3

d. N63.10, Z80.3

25. A 50-year old female visits her physician with symptoms of insomnia and upset stomach. The physician suspects she is pre-menopausal. His diagnosis is impending menopause. What diagnosis code(s) should be reported?


a. G47.00, K30

b. N92.0

c. Z78.0, G47.09, K30

d. Z78.0

26. What does MRSA stand for?

a. Methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus

b. Methicillin resistant streptococcus aureus

c. Moderate resistance susceptible aureus

d. Mild resistance streptococcus aureus

27. When the type of diabetes mellitus is not documented in the medical note, what is used as the default type?


a. Type II

b. Type I

c. Can be Type I or II

d. Secondary

26. A patient with viral Hepatitis A is being treated for glomerulonephritis. What ICD-10-CM code(s) should be reported?


a. K75.9, N08

b. N08, B15.9

c. K75.9, N05.9

d. B15.9, N08

29. A patient is coming in for follow-up of his essential hypertension and cardiomegaly. Both conditions are stable and he is told to continue with his medications. What ICD-10-CM code(s) should be reported?


a. I11.9, I51.7

b. I51.7, I10

c. I11.9

d. I51.7

30. Patient is seeing the ophthalmologist to examine an old retained metal foreign body in his retina there is the possibility of infection. What ICD-10-CM code(s) should be reported?


a. H44.709, Z18.10

b. H44.649, Z18.10

c. H44.649, Z18.11

d. H44.749, Z18.10

31. What type of fracture is considered traumatic?

a. Pathologic fracture

b. Malunion fracture

c. Stress fracture

d. Compound fracture

32. Under what circumstances would an external cause code be reported?


a. Illness and injuries

b. Causes of injury, poisoning, and other adverse affects

c. Causes of neoplasms, hypertension and medications

d. Only for the cause of accidents

33. What chapter contains codes for diseases and disorders of the nails?


a. Chapter 13: Diseases of Musculoskeletal and Connective Tissue

b. Chapter 14: Congenital Anomalies

c. Chapter 10: Diseases of the Genitourinary system

d. Chapter 12: Diseases of the Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue

34. The patient has benign prostate hypertrophy with urinary retention. What ICD-10-CM code(s) should be reported?

a. N40.1

b. N40.1, R33.8

c. N40.1, R33.9

d. N40.0, R33.8

35. A 2-month-old is seeing his pediatrician for a routine health check examination. The physician notices a diaper rash and prescribes an ointment to treat it. What ICD-10-CM code(s) should be reported?


a. L22

b. Z00.121, L22

c. L22, Z00.121

d. Z00.129, L22

36. A three-year-old is brought to the burn unit after pulling a pot of hot soup off the stove spilling onto to her body. She sustained 18% second degree burns on her legs and 20% third degree burns on her chest and arms. Total body surface area burned is 38%. What ICD-10- CM code(s) should be reported for the burns (do not include External cause codes for the accident)?


a. T21.31, T22.00, T24.20, T31.32

b. T21.39, T22.00, T24.20, T31.31

c. T21.31, T22.30, T24.20, T31.32

d. T21.31, T22.39, T24.20, T31.31

37. A patient is coming in for follow-up of a second-degree burn on the arm. The physician notes the burn is healing well. He is to come back in two weeks for another check-up. What ICD-10-CM code(s) should be reported?


a. Z51.89, T22.20

b. T22.20

c. Z09, T22.20

d. Z09

38. A patient was treated in the emergency department for a nasal fracture. Bleeding was controlled, a splint applied and the patient sent home. He returned to the ED several hours later with new bleeding from both nares. What ICD-10-CM code(s) should be reported for the second ED visit?


a. T79.2

b. S02.2

c. S02.2, T79.2

d. T79, S02

39. 40-year-old woman, 25-weeks-pregnant with her second child, is seeing her obstetrician. She is worried about decreased fetal movement. During the examination the obstetrician detects bradycardia in the fetus. What ICD-10-CM code(s) should be reported?


a. O09.12, O09.41

b. P29.12, O09.41

c. O09.41, O09.52

d. O09.52, O76

40 Nancy has been suffering with abdominal cramping pain in the belly area, persistent watery diarrhea, fever, and fatigue. She underwent a colonoscopy and was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease of the large bowel and colon. How would you report the diagnosis from the colonoscopy?


a. R10.9, R19.7, R53.81, R50.9

b. K50.10

c. R10.9, K50.90

d. K51.90, R19.7, R53.81, R50.9, R10.9

41. 44-year-old had a history of adenocarcinoma of the cervix on a conization in March 20XX who has been followed with twice-yearly endocervical curettages and Pap smears that were all negative for two years, per the recommendation of a GYN oncologist. Her Pap smear results from the last visit noted atypical glandular cells. In light of this, she underwent a colposcopy and the biopsy of the normal-appearing cervix on colposcopy was benign. The endocervical curettage was benign endocervical glands, and the endometrial sampling was benign endometrium. In light of the fact that she had had previous atypical glandular cells that led to diagnosis of adenocarcinoma and the concerns that this may have recurred, she had been recommended for a cone biopsy and fractional dilatation and curettage, which she is undergoing today. What ICD-10-CM code(s) should be reported?


A. R87.61, C53.9

B. D39.0

C. R87.61, Z85.41

D. Z12.4, Z85.41

42 What is the correct way to code a patient having bradycardia due to Demerol that was correctly prescribed and properly administered?


A. T40.2, R00

B. T40.2, R00.1

C. R00.1, T40.2

D. R00.1, T40

43 What statement is true when reporting pregnancy codes :


A. These codes can be used on the maternal and baby records.

B. These codes have sequencing priority over codes from other chapters.

C. Code O80.0 should always be reported with these codes.

D. The fifth digits assigned to these codes indicate the complication during the pregnancy

44 Which of the following is true regarding codes with the words “in diseases classified elsewhere” in their descriptions?


A. They can never be the first listed code.

B. They should always be the first listed code.

C. They are unspecified codes and should be used only when more specific diagnoses cannot be found.

D. None of the above.

45 Which of the following statements is true regarding sequencing of External cause codes?


A. External cause codes for place of occurrence take priority over all other External cause codes.

B. External cause codes for medical history take priority over all other External cause codes.

C. External cause codes identifying screening exam as the reason for encounter take priority over all other External cause codes.

D. External cause codes for transport accidents take priority over all other External cause codes except cataclysmic events and child and adult abuse and terrorism.

46 While at church, Fred was standing on a chair when he fell. He suffered a closed Colles’ fracture and contusions to his right cheek, right elbow, right hand, and left leg. What codes would you report for this injury?


a. S00.83, S52.53, S52.53, S80.11, W07, Y92.29

b. S52.53, S00.83, S50.01, S60.22, S80.12, W07, Y92.22

c. S52.53, S00.83, S50, S60.22, S80.12, W07, Y92.22

d. S00.83, S50.01, S52.53, S80.11, W07, Y92.29

47. Dr. Lloyd, Bill’s family physician, preformed a physical on Bill in December. Dr. Lloyd noted Bill had swollen glands, changes in blood tests and on chest x-ray, as well as the patient’s report of general fatigue and weight loss. Bill was scheduled to see a specialist the following week. Dr. Schapiro, the specialist, examined Bill, performed tests, and told him he had metastatic malignant melanoma from the left lateral chest wall to the cervical lymph nodes. Today, Bill started treatment with Dr. Schapiro directed to his lymph nodes. What are the correct diagnoses codes for Dr. Schapiro’s treatment?


a. C79.89, C79.1

b. C77.0, C49 .3

c. C79.1, D03.52

d. C77.0, D03.59

48. Roger, a firefighter, was burned while fighting a forest fire. He is being treated in a burn unit, with burns to 30% of his total body surface area. The burns are reported as third degree to 25% of his body. The remaining 5% are first- and second-degree burns of the upper limb. How should you report the diagnoses codes?


a.T31.32, T22.20, T22.10, X01.8

b. T22.20, T31.31, X01.08

c. T31.32, T22.20, X01.8

d. T31.31, T22.20, T22.10, X01.8

49. Rosemary, a 52-year-old female, returned to her physician for treatment of glaucoma and problems with peripheral angiopathy of her feet due to diabetes. She has had problems controlling her diabetes and is insulin dependent. Which diagnosis codes best describe this patient’s condition?


a.E10.39, E10.51, H40.9, Z79.4

b. E08.39, E08.51, H42, Z79.4

c. E11.51, E11.39, H42, Z79.4

d. E10.39, E08.51, H40.9, Z79.4

50. Karen, a 26-year-old healthy female, suffered a cardiac arrest with administration of anesthetic during delivery. What are the correct diagnoses codes?


a.O74.2, I46.9

b. I46.9, O74.2

c. O74.4, I46.9

d. O74.9, I46.9

51. A patient is being treated for an infection from a deep laceration of the head that occurred five weeks ago. The injury occurred during a motor vehicle accident . What codes would you use to report this problem?


a. V89.2, B94.9, S01.91

b. S01.91, B94.9, V89.9

c.B94.9, S01.91, V89.2

d. B94.9, S01.91, V89.9

52. Thomas was seen in his primary care physician’s office for a chronic smoker’s cough. Thomas currently smokes five packs of cigarettes per day but is trying to quit smoking. Dr.Smith notes a chest x-ray reveals abnormal changes in his left lower lobe and designates“rule out lung cancer” as a working diagnosis. How should Dr. Smith report the diagnoses for this visit?


a. J41.0, F17.218, R91.8

b. C34.30, F17.21

c. C34.32, F17.21

d. J41.0, F17.211

53 Patient comes into see her primary care physician for a productive cough and shortness of breath. The physician takes a chest x-ray which indicates the patient has congestive pneumonia. Select the ICD-10-CM code(s) for this visit.


A. J18.8, R05, R06.02

B. R05, R06.02, J18.8

C. J18.8

D. J18.9

54 Sherri presents for her regularly scheduled chemotherapy and radiation treatment. She is being treated for cancer in situ of the bladder wall. How would you list the diagnoses codes for this visit?


a. D30.3, Z51.1, Z51.0

b. C67.9, Z51.0

c.Z51.0, Z51.11, D09.0

d. D09.0, Z51.11, Z51.0

55. Today, Daisy, a 72-year-old patient presents with chest pain due to an anterior wall myocardial infarction that was treated 12 weeks ago. She started to have chest pain while gardening and complains of a painful rash on her right leg due to contact with poison ivy. How would the doctor list the diagnoses codes for this encounter?


a. R07.9, I22.0, L25.5

b. I21.09, L25.5

c. I25.2, R07.9, L23.7

d. I22.0, R07.9, L24.7

56. A 10-year-old acutely ill girl is brought to the emergency department by her parents with a high fever, nausea, vomiting, headache, and stiff neck. Lumbar puncture is performed, and the provider documents echoviral meningitis as the primary diagnosis. How would you classify this child’s condition in ICD-10-CM?


a) A86

b )A87.0



57. A type 2 diabetic patient that has been using Lantus for 3 months to help control his diabetes presents for a recheck. After history and examination, it is decided to have the patient continue to use the Lantus and come back in 3 months. An A1c will be performed before the next visit.


a)E11.9 , Z79.4

b) E11.8 , Z79.4

c)E13.9, Z79.84

d)E11.9, Z79.84

58 Patient presents to the ED and Orthopedics is called for evaluation of a type I open fracture of the shaft of the right radius.


a) S52.35

b) S52.32


d) S52.3

59 A patient presents with acute low back pain due to trauma for steroid injections.


a) G89.11 ,M54.5

b) M54.5

c) G89.11


60. A patient presents for evaluation of his chronic bilateral knee pain. The pain has been becoming more severe lately, prompting the visit. The patient will be sent for further testing.


a) M25.56, M25.56, G89.4

b) M25.56, M25.56, G89.29

c) M25.56, M25.56

d) G89.29

61. A patient presents for bone pain related to bilateral, central breast cancer that has metastasized. She is being treated today for the pain.


a)G89.3 C50.11, C50.11,C79.9

b) G89.3 ,C50.112, C79.81

c)C50.11, C50.112, C79.9

d) G89.3,C50.11,C50.11,C79.81

62 Jake presents with his mother for evaluation of his asthma. She says he wakes up a couple nights every month with “coughing fits” and using his inhaler on a weekly basis. He is currently taking Singulair nightly to help with his symptoms. His activities have been somewhat limited due to his symptoms. He is diagnosed with mild persistent asthma.


a) J45.31

b) J45.30



63. Patient admitted with severe anemia due to right breast carcinoma of the central portion of the female breast. The focus of care is the anemia. The correct sequencing and codes are?


a. D63.0, C50.11

b. C50.11, D63.0

c. Sequencing depends on the focus of care

d. C50.11, D61.81

64 If the type of diabetes mellitus is not documented in the medical record what is the default type you should assign?

a. There are no guidelines to determine the type assignme

b. Type I and Type II

c. Type II d. Type I

65. Cynthia is 28 years old and pregnant. She presents to the emergency room complaining of diarrhea with watery bowel movements with incontinence, cramps, nausea, and vomiting for the past 12 hours. She is unable to keep anything down, including liquids. She has been eating a healthy diet and does not feel this problem is based on something she ate. After testing, she was found to have enteritis due to Clostridium difficile. She was admitted for hydration and further treatment. In what order should you report the diagnoses codes for Cynthia’s condition?


a. There are no sequencing rules that would apply to code this case.

b. Symptoms, Signs, and Abnormal Clinical and Laboratory Finding Not Elsewhere Classified (Chapter 18).

c. Complications of Pregnancy, Childbirth and Puerperium (Chapter 15) codes first, followed by Infectious and Parasitic codes (Chapter 1).

d. Infectious and Parasitic codes (Chapter 1), followed by Complications of Pregnancy, Childbirth and Puerperium (Chapter 15) codes

66. A patient is suffering with acute respiratory failure, viral pneumonia, atrial fibrillation, and alcoholic liver cirrhosis. What codes describe these conditions?


a. I25.10, J96.00, K72.90, I48.92, K76.89

b. K70.9, J41.0, K70.30, J12.1

c. J96.00, J12.9, I48.91, K70.30

d. J96.10, I48.2, J41.0, K70.30

67. A 44-year-old male was spraying weeds in his backyard. He accidentally got some of the weed killer in his ice tea. After drinking the ice tea and working for several hours, he told his wife he felt “funny” and started to vomit. She drove him to the emergency room for treatment. How would you report this scenario?


a. T60.8, R11.2, T60.1

b. T60.8, R11.10, T60.3

c. R11.2, T60.3, T60.2

d. T60.3, R11.10

68 The patient has dementia with a behavior disturbance, unspecified, depression NOS, and insomnia with sleep apnea.


a. F03.91, F32.9, G47,00, G47.30

b. F03.91, F32.9, G47.00

c. F03.91, F32.9, G47.09, G47.33

d. F03.91, F34.1, G47.30

69 Jim lost control of his car while driving on an icy highway and hit a parked car. He was transported to a local emergency room for treatment. He suffered a greenstick fracture of six ribs and atelectasis. How would you report this?


a. V43.52, J98.3, N90.0, S22.49, J98.19

b. V43.52, Y92.41, S22.39, J98.19

c. Y92.41, S22.49, J98.19, V43.52

d. S22.49, J98.11, V43.52, Y92.41

70. Laurie has a malignant secondary tumor of the Bartholin’s gland. Her doctors do not know where this cancer started in Laurie’s system. She is coming in today for radiation of the secondary site. How would you report her diagnoses for today’s treatment?


a. Z51.0, C79.82, C80.1

b. C79.82, Z51.0

c. C51.0, C79.82

d. D49.59, C79.82, Z51.0, C80.1

71. What is the correct external cause code for the therapeutic use of wintergreen oil?


a. T49.3

b. T49

c. T49.8, T49.3

d. T49.5, T47.6

72. Today, Dr. Arnold is treating Harry for a sprained ankle and foot. Harry injured himself when he fell off a sidewalk curb at a local restaurant. Harry has HIV and is stable on his current medications. How would        Dr. Arnold report the diagnoses for this visit?


a. B20, S93.40, S93.60, W10.1, Y92.5

b. S93.40, S93.60, B20, W10.1, Y92.51

c. Z21, S93.40, S93.60, W10.1, Y92.51

d. Z21, S93.40, W10.1, Y92.29


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